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Hospitana Assistant


Hospitana.de is a platform that connects doctors and patients, allowing for direct appointment booking and online consultations with doctors. It provides job listings for healthcare professionals and a platform for the sale of medical products. It also offers features like doctor CV uploads and provides information about doctors such as their contact details and personal websites.

Hospitana.de allows for direct appointment booking with doctors, online consultations, job listings for healthcare professionals, sale of medical products, and provides detailed profiles of healthcare providers including their CVs, contact information and personal websites.

Visit our website, find a suitable doctor, and click on the 'Book Appointment' option. Your appointment will be confirmed after filling out the necessary information.

Yes, many doctors on Hospitana.de offer online consultations. When booking an appointment, you can choose the 'online consultation' option if it's available.

To post a job listing or view available positions, visit the 'Jobs' section on our website. You can use the filters to tailor your job search based on your preferences.

Yes, doctors have the ability to upload their CVs on Hospitana.de. This feature allows them to showcase their qualifications, experiences, and skills to potential patients and employers.

Hospitana.de offers a variety of medical products for sale. These can include medical devices, healthcare products, and other related equipment.

Yes, Hospitana.de takes a series of security measures to protect the personal information of its users. It also uses various verification processes to ensure the quality of doctors and healthcare service providers.

Each doctor or healthcare service provider has ratings and reviews where users share their experiences. This can help you assess the quality of a doctor or service.

Hospitana.de offers a variety of healthcare services, ranging from general practitioners to specialist doctors, nurses, and other healthcare service providers.

Visit the 'Wholesalers' section on our website to find wholesalers. You can use the filters to find a wholesaler that suits your needs.

Doctor profiles on Hospitana.de include their contact information and, if provided, a link to their personal website.

Hospitals can create profiles for their doctors on Hospitana.de. These profiles can include the doctors' qualifications, specialties, experiences, contact details, and links to their personal websites.

Yes, Hospitana.de provides a platform for healthcare job listings. Both individuals and healthcare institutions can post job vacancies.

Hospitana.de is committed to high standards of quality and works only with reputable suppliers for medical product sales. Product listings often include detailed descriptions and reviews to help users make informed decisions.