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dental braces

dental braces

dental braces

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Size   : 200

Ürün Açıklaması

Dental braces are used to align and straighten teeth, correct bite issues, and improve dental health. They consist of brackets and wires that apply gentle pressure to move the teeth over time. Braces treat overcrowding, gaps, crooked teeth, and bite problems. They improve aesthetics, oral hygiene, and chewing function. Treatment duration varies, and regular adjustments are needed. Consultation with an orthodontist is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment.

Ürün Kategorisi

  • Oral Surgery (Dentist)
  • Periodontology (Dentist)
  • Endodontics (Dentist)
  • Prosthodontics (Dentist)
  • Orthodontics (Dentist)
  • Oral Medicine (Dentist)

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